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Chatiw Review: No More Worrying About Commitment. Find Your Casual Date On Chatiw

Chatiw Review: No More Worrying About Commitment. Find Your Casual Date On Chatiw
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Active Audience 56%
Quality Matches 65%
Popular Age 26-35
Profiles 130 000
Reply Rate 98%
Ease of Use 9.2
Popularity 7.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website is easily accessible- The starting process of the Chaitw website is probably the easiest compared to other dating sites. Users are asked to fill in their gender, nickname, age, and country to which they belong. You do not need to wait for your account to be verified to send messages to other users on Chatiw.
  • Instant access to all online members- As soon as a user signs up on the website, they can start chatting with whoever they want. There are no restrictions like making a match first. You can freely search for people and can chat with random strangers.
  • You can have your nickname- Since the Chatiw website doesn't require your user name to be unique, you can decide on a creative moniker for yourself. You can set a unique nickname for yourself, which will distinguish you from others.
  • All the features are free of cost- To access all the features, a user does not need to have a paid subscription. However, there is an option available with VIP membership, through which you can enjoy a more secure service, but that is optional.
  • No fear of commitment- Chatiw site is a dating website where a person doesn't need to commit to the other person; therefore, dating & chatting have become very easy and fun on this platform. Since most people on this site are looking for a partner for friendship and hookup, they do not expect serious relationships themselves.
  • You can send pictures to others- If you want, you can share photos with the users while chatting with them. Sharing pictures makes your whole experience on this platform a lot more fun.
  • The number of messages sent per day is limited- Though chatting on Chatiw is free, there is a daily limit of the number of messages you can send to other users on the platform. Once a user exceeds the limit, he or she cannot send any message for that day. However, you can enhance your daily limit by paying for the same.
  • It is challenging to find a genuine person you can trust- Finding an honest person on Chatiw can be challenging, as there is no assurance about the security of a person's profile. The platform doesn't even ask for an email address of a user; thus, you must use your discretion before getting attached to someone or sharing your personal information with them.
  • Receiving unsolicited pictures- Because there is a low restriction on chatting, users have a high chance of receiving unsolicited absurd images from other people. In that case, all that users can do is avoid, or if it's extreme, they have the option of reporting that user.
  • Low-security policy- Chatiw website has a shallow privacy policy. Due to the absence of restrictions over connecting features, users often face scams and frauds.
  • Can't save a user's profile- Unlike other online dating platforms, Chatiw allows its users to use its services without registering. But the most significant drawback of this facility is that you cannot save the user profiles or add them to your favorites list. As such, the chances of you meeting a stranger again are very thin.

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Chatiw site is in the list of the best online dating chat rooms that offer free communication to people, allowing them to meet and chat with random people. Users can find their real mate for friendship, dating, or free hookup. Chatiw site is available both on desktop and mobile, but the functionality of the latter is more. The platform is a suitable dating site; this online dating site is accessible in almost all countries. But it has gained the most popularity in the United States and the United Kingdom. Although most of the users of Chatiw are from the United States, there are a few members from western countries as well, who enter the chat site, such as Serbia, Belgium, France, Ukraine, Hungary, Norway, Canada, Russia, and Germany. Chatiw also has features of providing blogs where they can find useful tips and ideas.

Originally Chatiw site is a dating site for heterosexual people, but people from the transsexual community can also find their partners. Most of the online dating sites function as transsexual dating sites too.

The dating platform works on both iOS as well as Android devices. The registration process on Chatiw is possibly the easiest among other dating sites. No need for hazard of password and username. A user must only fill in with necessary information like gender, age, country, and state. You can also enable the website to access your location so that you can find a partner for yourself from your vicinity.

Below are some dating descriptions for Chatiw review that will help you learn more about the website.

Member Structure Quality

Chatiw site is an online dating site with sexting, interacting with strange folks, hookups, casual dating, and flirting. The main aim of the website is to allow users to fulfill their romantic desires. Messages are interacted in various languages, accompanied with accessible features.

It is a website for people who are searching for casual dates and hookups. Genuine people with a motive of a committed or long-term relationship can find it inappropriate because finding trustworthy people is hard. Users have a chance of facing sexual harassment and can get into unnecessary troubles. However, the platform is pretty popular amongst the youth, and the majority of the users here are young college students, and tens of thousands of users access this platform every day.

Age Distribution of the Chatiw Website

Age Distribution of the Chatiw Website

The Chatiw website has people from almost every category of the group, but majorly comprises younger people. It has been seen that the age of the maximum users ranges from 16 to 30. However, top users do not list their age. The website has more numbers of males than females. Among which some people tend to be dominating.

Since this website helps people fulfill their romantic desires, you will probably find every age group category.

How Safe Is the Chatiw Website From Hackers and Scammers?

While one talks about fakers and scammers on Chatiw, one can’t be assured about it. The reason for this is the absence of restrictions on features. The easy access to every part without any terms and conditions makes it a comfortable place for scammers and fraudulent.

Although the messages sent and received on the website are encrypted, you should always have a sense of awareness from your side. Before you decide to send a picture to someone, make sure you know that person’s intentions. While giving a Chatiw website review, it is suggested that you abstain from sharing photos with people you don’t know. However, because online dating is a global activity now, you might meet people from your locality whom you already know. On that note, you can share pictures.

Due to the high chance of having fake profiles, the website’s team offers good quality privacy policies from their side. They always make sure that the users feel safe and secure while using the website. But to stay away from uninvited problems, you should still be cautious and judgmental while using Chatiw.

How Does Chatiw Work?

Chatiw Review

The registration process for the chapter is straightforward and easily understandable. All a person must do is fill in with the required information like – gender, age, country and state, and a unique nickname. You are not asked for a user name or a password in the registration process. But your handle should be unique, which will distinguish you from other users.

There is an automatic logout process. After a few hours of inactivity, the website automatically logs out users. If a user again wants to log in to the website, they need to re-enter the information.

When a person has filled in all the required information, they get into the website’s main page. From there, the person can search for different users and can start communicating with them. Users can communicate among them via text messages and video calls.

Users can find a partner for themselves according to their needs. Whether a person wants to flirt, do sexting, or ask for hookup is up to them.

But during the Chatiw website, the most common problem that people face is fake profiles. Because it can never be assured or there is no verification process of the shapes, finding a genuine profile is harder.

Therefore if a person is new to online dating sites, they should stay away from this website.

Are There Any Special Feature?

Are There Any Special Feature?

Chatiw website is an exciting and fun place for men and women that offers some unique features that make it more interesting. Some of unique features have been listed below some of the unique features have been listed below –

Ad-free chat- The website does not include brothers users with the unnecessary popping of advertisements to have smooth and uninterrupted access with any disturbance.

Unique nickname- At the time of registration, the website asks you to give yourself a unique nickname that will distinguish you from other users and make it easy for other users to search for your profile.

VIP Badge on profile- the VIP badge on your profile enables other users to understand that your user profile has a paid subscription. With a paid subscription, you get to have a more secure profile and better privacy.

Blog- At the bottom of the Chatiw website homepage, you can find their blogs where they post tips and articles about love, relationship, and online chatting.

Chat history- You can find your chat history at the top of your main chat page. It is a list of conversations that you had with different people.

Is There a Mobile Application Available?

The Chatiw website comes with a mobile application that has the same features as the website. The main benefit of the mobile application is that it can be used anywhere at any time. Unlike the website, it doesn’t need to be accessed from the desktop.

Free Services Offered by Chatiw

Generally, all the features of Chatiw are free of cost. Starting from searching for profiles to chatting and accessing other features, everything here is for free.

These are some free features of the website:

Sending unlimited private messages- You can send unlimited private messages to anyone.

Sending links and numbers to other chatters- Along with chatting through texts, you can also send links and numbers to other users.

Searching for Other users- You can search for other active users for free irrespective of the region or distance.

Joining chat rooms and sending personal messages – while sending or receiving messages is a free service, but creating chat rooms comes at a cost. With the paid subscription, users can create a private chat room where they can send personal messages.

A better privacy policy- With a paid subscription, you can enjoy a better privacy policy that can protect your profile from most possible scammers.

Prioritizing your profile- With a paid membership, you can prioritize your user profile by getting a VIP badge.

Login without re- Entering your password again and again- With paid subscriptions, you don’t have to enter the information repeatedly to log in to the website.

Privacy Policy of the Website

Privacy Policy of the Website

The privacy policy of the website doesn’t offer you an assured safety against scammers and fakers. It also encrypts the sent and received messages of users to avoid any scams. Because the Chatiw website is very open to everyone, there are most chances of having a fake profile. If you want to enhance your privacy policy and make your profile most secure, you have to upgrade to a paid membership. By upgrading to a paid membership, you can and have a better privacy policy for your profile.

Because this website works globally, there are various types of people from different parts of the world. However, to achieve total security and safeguard your information or profile, you have to be aware of choosing the people with whom you are chatting. You should never share your personal information with someone with whom you have never met earlier. You have to be most aware of when a person asks you to meet them; you have to justify whether they have a real existence. You should never blindly believe the information provided by other users. You should have a sense of justification by which you can identify Anonymous profiles. In case if you find something suspicious, you should always report it. It is a fact that placing a fake profile is not easy but at least what you can do is stay self-aware.

Real Life Reviews From the Users

Real Life Reviews From the Users

By studying Chatiw reviews, experts have seen that it mainly uses casual dating, flirting, sexting, and hookups. It is primarily for people who do not want to commit but want to have fun. The whole idea of the website is to entertain people and to fulfill their romantic desires. At the end of the day, when people come home after busy schedules, this is the kind of place where they would want to be.

While searching for reviews, a person has said that it is a place for people who want quick line conversations. You can have fun with random strangers by talking and flirting with them, but if someone wants real love or relationship kind of things, this is not the right place for them. It is just a place where a person can have fun casually and can kill their time.

Many trans people on the platform have said that they like the site has opened itself for the community as one of the dating sites.

Are the Profiles on Chatiw Real or Fake?

Are the Profiles on Chatiw Real or Fake?

Like other dating sites, Chatiw profiles are assumed to be real and expected to have the utmost honesty. However, it is not the case. Since the website does not require any personal information or does not go through any verification process, they have high chances of having fake profiles. Finding a genuine profile is a challenging thing on this site. If you want to kill your time by talking with anyone but within a limit, it may be the right place for you. But if you decide to go further, like meeting the person physically or sharing some personal information, you have to think twice.

While talking, if you feel that you are connecting to the person and want to meet a person in real life, you must verify that person’s real-life existence. But it is suggested that you abstain from joining people from there.

Is Signing up on the Platform Easy?

Signing up on Chatiw is not a complicated process. It is a very simplified process, you have to fill in some personal details like your age, gender, country, and state, and you are good to go. You get automatically directed to the website’s home page from where you can start searching for users and then start chatting with them.

You even don’t need to upload a picture for yourself. There is no verification process for the approval process. But every time you log in, you have to re-enter the information to use the website. And the logout process is an automatic process where after two hours of inactivity, the website automatically logs you out. Trans people looking for dating sites can also register on this site to support the LGBTQ community.

Final Verdict

Chatiw Final Verdict

Chatiw Website is an online dating platform that offers casual dating and sexting. It is a place for people who want to have fun and want to kill their time. It is a precise place for people who love talking to strangers. But for people with relationship motives, this is not the right place. Also, if you are new to online sites, then you should not involve yourself in this. But if you are a pro at communication, then you can find it right for you.

The website consists of people of almost all ages. Although the percentage of age between 16 to 25 is the maximum. You can also find people from the age group of fifty. When talking about privacy policies, the website can’t be said as entirely reliable. There are high chances of having fake profiles. If you want to avoid any unnecessary troubles, you have to be cautious about the information and conversation you share with the other person. If you are mainly planning to meet a user, you must first ensure that that user has a real existence because a blind date can get you into various troubles.

One more thing about the website’s security is that it does not require a picture of you.

If you want to upgrade your profile to a safer version, you can try the paid subscription option. Besides giving you a better privacy option, a paid subscription can provide few extra features like creating a private chat room where you can have your private conversations and have a chat list to see the chats list. With a paid subscription, you can also have an additional facility where you don’t have to re-enter all your information while logging in again and again. You will be automatically logged in with a single click.

The Chatiw reviews say that people enjoy being here and recommend that people who are not good at communication should avoid registering on this site. Even the transgenders can find suitable partners here since it is one of the dating sites. It is mostly used by people of the United States and the United Kingdom. Mainly teenagers who enjoy talking with random strangers from the states use Chatiw for entertainment purposes.

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